Refund Policy – Xfirellc Store

1. Refund Processing Time:

We are committed to swiftly and efficiently processing refund requests. Refunds are typically processed within a range of 3 to 20 business days from the time we confirm successful refund initiation.

2. Refund Method:

The refund method will depend on the original payment method you used. For instance, if you used a credit card, we will refund back to the same credit card used for the initial payment.

3. Checking Refund Status:

You can verify the status of your refund by reviewing your order details on the Xfirellc Store. Please note that refund progress might not be displayed immediately, so we recommend checking again after a few days.

4. Refund for Invalid or Expired Credit Cards:

Refunds are generally processed back to the original card you used for the initial payment. If your card has expired or is no longer valid, kindly contact your bank or card issuer for assistance.

5. Received Amount Less Than Initial Refund Amount:

If you receive an amount less than the refund amount displayed on the order page, there could be a few reasons:

  • Bank Commission Fee: Some banks might deduct a commission fee during fund transfer, resulting in a slightly reduced refund amount.
  • Exchange Rate Fluctuation: If the exchange rate has changed compared to the payment time, the refunded amount in your local currency might vary slightly.

6. Contacting Support:

Should you have uncertainties about your refund status or further queries, feel free to reach out to Xfirellc Store’s customer support for assistance. We will provide specific information about your refund and assist in resolving any issues.

Please keep in mind that refund processing times and specific procedures can vary based on factors like your location, used payment method, and the policies of involved payment processors and banks. If you have concerns regarding your refund, it’s recommended to contact both Xfirellc Store’s customer support and your bank for clarification and assistance.